First, there was the random blood and urine test, followed by the different training schedule. Then, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. had to prepare for other opponents, postponing the negotiation. After that, Mayweather didn’t want to take the red corner, which is the corner of the challenger. Then, there was an issue regarding the two broadcasting system of the two fighters.

The Fight of the Century will include American boxing professional Floyd Mayweather Jr. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

The Fight of the Century will include American boxing professional Floyd Mayweather Jr. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

Seven years have passed since the beginning of negotiations between these two fighters. At last, boxing’s latest miracle has arrived. The fight is finally going to happen. Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, propelled by the belief in different deities, trained by masters with different dispositions, eventually come forth to end the dispute. Two of the best pound-for-pound fighters of the decade will face each other in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday.

It’s certain that this fight will become the defining moment for Mayweather, as been nearly 20 years and 47 fights into his professional boxing career, he hasn’t lost once. You heard me, not even once. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is considered by most to be the finest boxer of his generation.

However, when this fight was announced, the public opinion was divided. Some people say that to Mayweather, the fight is “all about that money.” Others believe that it’s about his pride and his legacy. Either way, Mayweather is a winner by the time he steps into the ring. According to Bleacher Report, Mayweather is expected to make $5 million per minute in the ring. Well, if he finishes the three-minutes-per-round, 12-round fight, he will end up with at least $180 million, regardless of whether or not he wins.

As for his legacy, the 47-0 undefeated record is the all-time best. Even if he loses this fight, he will still hold an astonishing record in boxing history. Given these conditions, it’s irrefutable that Mayweather wants to win. He was known for his flamboyant persona and his use of big words. This time, when he said “it’s just another fight” with a very serene tone during a press conference, you knew he didn’t mean it.

On the other side, Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao has been preparing for this fight his whole life. Being a southpaw, while having a very strong right jab, the Pac-Man has fought his way up to become the top-tier fighter in the boxing sphere. Since beginning in the Light Flyweight class, Pacquiao has pretty much defeated all the contemporary opponents. He later started the process of gaining weight and fighting the higher weight class fighters. In other words, he fights and defeats everyone in the same weight class, then he gains weight and does the same thing again. For Pacquiao, this fight is about having a good finish of his career. Fifty-seven to five, 20 years into his career, the Pac-Man has again and again proven his persistence and his toughness. With his signature “right jab, left power shot” combination, he has built a name for himself in the ring. Everyone knows he will throw a right jab and follow with a power shot as the opponent tries to dodge the jab. Some might dodge the jab, but nearly all his opponents have fallen for that power shot. If Mayweather wants to come out on top in this fight, he has to keep this in mind.

In a poll hosted by, the public heavily favored Manny Pacquiao as the winner. However, Mayweather is usually the one that comes up on top. It’s unquestionable that this fight will be as close as it gets. Both Showtime and HBO Boxing will televise #MayPac at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday for $99 pay-per- view. I know it’s finals week, but you don’t want to miss this.