In things-I-wish-I-would’ve-done-first-news, a man has declared himself the ruler of a new country he dubbed “Liberland.” Vít Jedlička, Liberland’s current president, discovered an unclaimed 2.7-square mile patch of land between Croatia and Serbia. Because neither country wanted it nor had any citizens living in it, Jedlička claimed it for himself and did what anyone would do with some extra land: create his own country.

Vit Jedlicka has formed his own country, Liberland, in between Croatia and Serbia. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

Vít Jedlička has formed his own country, Liberland, in between Croatia and Serbia. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

The oddest thing about Liberland is that nobody knows if it’s an actual country. Many news outlets are treating it as a joke without explicitly saying so. President Jedlička, however, is entirely serious. He set up a website for the country and created Liberland’s official flag. Also, the country’s website explicitly states that Nazis and communists are not allowed, so if you’re an extremist of any type, please stay away. Additionally, one requirement for becoming a citizen is respecting others regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation and religion, so the country is already ahead of the United States in that regard.

If you’ve always wanted dual citizenship but didn’t want to go through the hassle of actually living in a country for a few years, do I have good news for you! Liberland is now accepting citizenship applications. The country’s current population stands at seven people. If you would like to join these seven brave pioneers in Liberland, you can fill out an application on Liberland’s website. Apply quickly though. Liberland is so small that it can only sustain several thousand citizens. Because of this, Liberland’s population will be capped between 3,000 and 5,000 people.

One of the most glaring issues of this country, however, is its lack of a constitution. With no constitution, it’s unclear what form of government Liberland will have. All we know is that it is within President Jedlička’s power to do … things. Future elections may take place to determine other governmental offices. Or they may not. Who knows?

I know all of you are worried about the exchange rates of the American dollar to Liberland currency, but fear not. Liberland’s official currency is bitcoin. This means that you can easily transfer all of your funds to digital currency and never have to worry about paper money while in Liberland. It’s only been a week, and this country is already on the cutting edge of innovation.

As with any new country, Liberland is currently struggling financially. If you are so inclined, you can donate to the country of Liberland on their website. In fact, it seems that Liberland will operate solely on donations for the time being. According to the trustworthy Facebook page “Money in Liberland,” the country’s tax rate is zero percent for income, sales, property, corporate and other general taxes. I don’t know why other countries haven’t implemented policies like this before. Sure, there would be no government-funded infrastructure, but that’s a small price to pay for paradise.

If you have any further questions on Liberland, there’s a handy little forum on its website. Topics include important matters such as “Liberland Basketball Team,” “Gun Rights” and “Will Marijuana be Legalized?” Possible marijuana legalization and no taxes? It’s like Liberland was designed for poor college kids.

If at any time you’ve felt America hasn’t lived up to your expectations, now there’s an even better alternative. Liberland is the country we’ve all been waiting for. And hey, when your favorite candidate loses the next presidential election, you can say, “I’m moving to Liberland.” Because why wouldn’t you?