Have you ever wanted to know random facts about your favorite celebrities? Google may provide some answers to questions about various A-listers, but not as many as Vogue Magazine’s “73 Questions” series.

When “73 Questions” first premiered in March 2014 in an effort to modernize Vogue by attracting new viewers through their YouTube channel, the company had never done anything like it before. Each episode in the series is filmed in one single shot, which allows for completely candid interviews. The introduction of “73 Questions” gave viewers the understanding that Vogue is continuing to progressively develop along with the increasing use of social media and creating new ways to attract younger generations to their magazine.

Vogue's "73 Questions Series" has profiled celebrities from all walks of fame since its premire in March 2014. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Vogue’s “73 Questions Series” has profiled celebrities from all walks of fame, including Anna Wintour, since its premire in March 2014. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

The first episode of the series focused on “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker at her home in New York. Parker began by answering a few questions regarding why she likes living in New York while leaning on the staircase by her front door. Parker then invited viewers inside of her home.

What I love most about “73 Questions” is that the interviewer is not seen in the video, so the star has a direct relationship with the viewers, making them seem more accessible. Parker, for example, told viewers facts ranging from her current favorite TV show, to where she would get her tattoo should she ever want one.

Now, just over one-year after the series began, “73 Questions” has created a unique fan base and following by featuring celebrities from different walks of fame. The most recent episode of “73 Questions,” which premiered on March 24, focused on Iggy Azalea at her beautiful studio in Los Angeles. There is a consistency that producers have maintained in the premise of the interviews, as this one begins with Azalea walking down the stairs to greet the interviewer at her front door, just as Parker’s did. We soon learn that her favorite animal is a dog, but that her favorite fantastical animal would be a unicorn. I love how the interview continues to ask questions while following Iggy Azalea around her studio and home. The ability to learn random facts about a famous pop star while also seeing where she spends many of her days is super cool.

I love “73 Questions” because it allows me to have a deeper look inside the lives of some of my favorite celebrities. My favorite feature so far was on Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Wintour is my idol, as Vogue has always been the magazine I hope to write for once graduating college. The segment on Wintour, which was released in September 2014, is really cool because it starts off with the interviewer walking into her office, so you can get a glimpse of what’s inside and what a day in the life of Wintour would be like. The interviewer then asks questions while following Wintour around her office. The episode keeps the viewers attention by bringing in other celebrities who begin to interview Wintour, including Karlie Kloss, who is trying on a dress in this episode. This makes each episode unique, as the question and answer is always unexpected. Fun fact from this episode: Wintour never wears black from head to toe.

Overall, this series is unique because, as Vogue describes it, “73 Questions” is the only show where “we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly — what they know.” If you want to check out Vogue’s awesome first season of “73 Questions,” simply go to their YouTube channel here.