There’s a big week coming up for the Boston Celtics.

I have a lot of good memories from when the “Big Three” were playing for the Boston Celtics. Every game, I could look for Ray Allen waiting in the corner or the wing to shoot 3-pointers. Kevin Garnett ruled the key and Paul Pierce also had great contributions to the team. Everything worked out perfectly, and the team chemistry carried the Celtics all the way to an NBA title in 2008. The Celtics were expected to win more NBA Championships with that team composition. Unfortunately, they were only able to put that one ring on their hands before Ray Allen retired. As aging became a problem, the fans had to say goodbye to a lot of popular players — I recall the Celtics’ offense relying heavily on Rajon Rondo after that. Unfortunately, basketball is a team sport, and he can’t just carry the team himself.

Even Rondo was tired of carrying the team, as he left for the Dallas Mavericks in December 2014.

Even star player Rajon Rondo grew sick of carrying the Boston Celtics to victory. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER ERIC KILBY

Even star player Rajon Rondo grew sick of carrying the Boston Celtics to victory. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER ERIC KILBY

What’s left for the Celtics? I see nothing but the hype from the loyal fans. It’s hard to accept the fact that this team is not even close to what it was seven years ago. The Celtics used to fight for the conference title and the championship, but now they are struggling for a spot in the playoffs. Really, the team is playing to get by. After losing the game to the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday, the Celtics fell out of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference standings. The team performance this year upset a lot of fans. Even many commentators were shocked by the fact that the Celtics is on its way to becoming a mediocre team in the league. The Celtics have a lot to think about right now: What direction should the team take? Why isn’t the playing style working? How can they make the offense more effective? How can they get more defensive rebounds? These questions remain unanswered as Brad Stevens finishes his third year coaching the Celtics.

After playing 74 games in the league, is now the best time for the Celtics to play in the playoffs? The Celtics have lacked in the defensive rebounding category in the past few games, and that will surely hurt them a lot more in the playoffs. If the team makes the list, they will have to face the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. There’s no question that the Hawks’ offense will tear the Celtics apart — and it will be brutal. No fan wants to see that.

Stevens took over the team in 2012 with a promise to lead the team toward the NBA Championship. Time has again and again proven that Stevens and his team are a long way from achieving that goal.

The only way the Celtics can turn everything around and improve their position is to have an amazing draft in the off-season. As a basketball fan and a student living in Boston, I have nothing but the best wishes for the Celtics. It’s just truly hard to accept that the team may have any chance of making it.