The title may sound like a joke, but CNN reporters recently discovered that it is easier than ever to buy orphaned children in Nigerian displacement camps.

These children are either sold into prostitution, physical labor or are used by the terrorist group Boko Haram as suicide bombers.

Regardless of the ban on child labor in Nigeria, about eight million children are forced into the movement. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Regardless of the ban on child labor in Nigeria, about 8 million children are currently forced into the movement. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

CNN correspondent Nima Elbagir went undercover and secretly filmed the interaction of asking for a child. On the phone and sometimes in person, the sellers offered many different male and female children of all ages, as if they were mere property instead of actual people. The seller regarded this distribution as “fostering” the children, when clearly fostering the children was obviously not the true intent.

Nigeria is listed under the Global Slavery Index as having the most people who are enslaved out of any country south of the Saharan Desert.

Elbagir underwent the process to purchase one of these children. She reported that there was no paperwork needed in any of the sales. According to Elbagir, all the seller wanted was reassurance that the children would be loved, though all they really wanted was the money.

All in all, Elbagir was offered two children, a 12-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. She bargained from $200, but ended up paying $500 for both children. She alerted the country’s agency against slavery, NAPTIP, of this instance as soon as the transaction was finished, CNN reported.

This all serves to remind us that modern slavery is a real thing, sex trafficking is a real thing and children have become the victims of both. It might not be so prominent in the United States. However, many people around the world face these tragedies every day.

It’s sickening to see that children are being sold off to foreigners, brothels and even terrorist groups. The guardians of these children obviously shouldn’t be selling them, but instead finding them a suitable home so they can be taken care of, as almost all of the children sold are orphans.

Although the Nigerian government has tried to stop human trafficking of all kinds, nearly 8 million children are currently being sold into forced labor, with many more being sold for other purposes.

We need to stop this. I don’t know how we can, but there has to be a way. The luxuries we have and the rights that we hold as individuals in the United States are our birthright, but we need to realize that not everyone is so lucky. Everyone in the world deserves those individual rights to live without being sold as an object.