“American Horror Story” is looking at some major cast shake-ups for its fifth season, titled “Hotel,” with a few new major stars. At PaleyFest on March 15, half-human, half-Greek god Matt Bomer announced he would be the male lead for the upcoming season. Bomer recently guest-starred on an episode in the fourth season, “Freak Show,” when he played a male prostitute dismembered by deranged man-child Dandy. Bomer recently wrapped his time on USA’s “White Collar,” on which he starred since 2009. Bomer, who is so attractive it’s unfair, said he was “down” for anything “American Horror Story” will throw at him. Does this include nude scenes, like we saw on “Freak Show?” A girl can dream.

Cheyenne Jackson also announced he would be joining the AHS ensemble for the fifth season. Jackson, who has most notably appeared on “30 Rock,” had previously worked with “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy on his former hit show “Glee” (may it rest in peace).

Matt Bomer has officially joined the cast of "American Horror Story: Hotel." PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS USER Conniesecret

Matt Bomer has officially joined the cast of “American Horror Story: Hotel.” PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS USER Conniesecret

And just this week, Murphy announced on Twitter that Chloë Sevigny would return to the show. Sevigny had previously been in season two, “Asylum,” as Shelley, the nymphomaniac.

These cast additions came the month after pop star Lady Gaga revealed, in a stunning video, that she would be joining the show for its fifth season. With Gaga now in the cast, who knows what direction the writers will take the show in?

Sadly, PaleyFest brought some bad news as well. Jessica Lange, the matriarch of the show, confirmed for what must be the 20th time that “Freak Show” was her last season on the FX show. “I’m done. We’ve had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I’ve had the opportunity to play, and in all madness, I love the writers and Ryan [Murphy] and the insanity of shooting it,” she said to an audience at the festival. While I already knew that Lange would not be coming back, it’s sad to be reminded of the fact with dozens of new articles on her departure.

The show will not be the same without Lange, and she knows it — she threw some amazing little digs at the new cast. During a fan question segment, Lange was asked, “Does Gaga convince you to stay on another season?” After expressing confusion as to what the fan (you know it was a wacko Little Monster) was asking, Lange cast some major side-eye, hinted at some behind-the-scenes drama and sighed. Obviously, the queen of “American Horror Story” is no fan of the Queen of Flop.

But the most important question has still gone unanswered: is Finn Wittrock, the actor who played Dandy, going to be coming back? Only time will tell.