Just what Kanye West needs — something else to feed his ever-growing ego. Surprisingly, West’s fashion week collection ranked as the most viewed collection on Style.com. This is the first time that a collection has out-ranked Chanel by over one million views. West’s line garnered a total of over four million views, while Chanel grossed just over three million.

I find it outrageous that this collection has outranked Karl Lagerfeld’s collection. Such detail and effort is put into every single stich in the clothing the fashion icon presented in each Chanel runway show. In his collections, every single piece of detailing you see, such as a flower, is drawn out and hand-sewn into the fabric in a precise design. The video that shows just how much work is put into the outfits for the Chanel Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Collection is shocking. The attention that Chanel receives every year for its collections is rightly earned, and the fact that Kanye’s subpar collection took the spotlight from Chanel simply because of his celebrity name is wrong.

Kanye West's fashion show had the highest number of attendees at fashion week- what does this mean for the fashion industry? PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Kanye West’s fashion show had the highest number of attendees at fashion week- what does this mean for the fashion industry? PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Kanye’s pieces in his collection were all over the place. Most models were in hairnets and nude on either the top or bottom. I am not sure how this is fashion at all, and the only attention it got was from Kanye fans. Kanye seemed overconfident about his line.

“It’s not me, it’s the people. I think there is something that the people have been missing, and this is my proposition,” West told the Associated Press at the presentation of his collection.

Sorry, Kanye, but I do not think people are looking for any more overpriced shirts with holes and oversized jackets.

Beside Kanye’s trending horrific collection, Kim Kardashian West was also trending in this fashion month of March. Kim was seen at numerous runway shows, and her fashion choices seemed to get worse as the shows went on. My favorite looks, from when Kim took to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, were absolutely atrocious.

First, to the Louis Vuitton show, Kim wore a black top that completely revealed her nude bra, a long, black, unflattering skirt, high boots, which looked awkward with the long skirt, and a fur coat. The only good piece of her outfit was her oversized black sunglasses.

Secondly, and even worse than the Louis Vuitton look, Kim actually stepped out in a customized look inspired by Givenchy’s latest men’s wear line. She looked like a businessman gone wrong.

Last but not least, Kim stepped out in a matching, see-through caged top and bottoms that exposed her undergarments completely. Two words to describe all of Kim’s fashion month looks would be: naked and revealing.

She somehow managed to make wearing the color black look awful.

Kanye and Kim went hand-in-hand this fashion week, down a road of horrible outfits and a terrible collection.