“Fashion Police,” hosted by the fabulous Joan Rivers, first premiered in 2010. The show caught the attention of fashion lovers and people everywhere who were ready to have a good laugh. Rivers would decide by the end of the show who had the best and worst looks after a red carpet event. The show did not only cover red carpet events, but also celebrities in the streets.

One of the most popular segments Rivers did was “Starlet or Streetwalker,” where the other members of the cast, which included George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne, would guess whether the picture was of a celebrity or someone else sporting questionable clothing. The show was always risky, but was accepted by a wide-range audience because they knew Joan Rivers and her comedic intentions.

Kathy Griffin wasn't a good fit for E!'s "Fashion Police." She was hired to replace the late  Joan Rivers. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Kathy Griffin wasn’t a good fit for E!’s “Fashion Police.” She was hired to replace the late Joan Rivers. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

“I succeed by saying what everyone else is thinking”, Rivers once said to clarify why she said and did what she did on the show, The Huffington Post reported.

Sadly, on Sept. 4, 2014, Rivers died at 81. She went into cardiac arrest after having a simple surgery on her throat. Viewers of “Fashion Police” everywhere began to question what would happen to the show. Would it ever be the same?

In my opinion, no. “Fashion Police” was what it was because of the brilliant remarks made by Rivers. Bringing in a new host for the show would create controversy and leave viewers at home wondering if the host’s words were meant to be cruel or just to make people laugh. Joan Rivers was a comedian for decades before hosting the show. She gained notoriety and respect among a mass of supporters who understood her jokes and appreciated her crude humor.

After months passed, E! decided to re-launch Fashion Police with some new faces. Kathy Griffin was brought on to be the new host, along with Osbourne, Rancic and Brad Goreski, who replaced Kotsiopoulos. The show failed to re-launch successfully with its new cast. The failure of the re-launch was not Griffin’s fault but E!’s. The station had to have known what a huge risk it would be to bring on a new host to a raunchy and controversial series after viewers had grown to love Rivers.

Once the jokes began on the new season, everything seemed to be going fine. However, things took a turn for the worst when Rancic made a racist remark about Zendaya, a young actress and singer. Whether this comment made my Rancic was purposefully racist or not, the show is facing another problem in its transition — it has to gain trust with viewers before even attempting to make jokes that could come off as racist or otherwise offensive. Although, without the risky jokes and overall crude humor, the show will never be able to be what it was before.

Shortly after this scandal with Zendaya occurred, Osbourne decided it was best to leave the show and was soon followed by new host Kathy Griffin. Osbourne took to Twitter to reveal how she felt about the scandal and to address that she has felt uncomfortable on the show since its new start.

“I’m giving everyone involved 24 hours to make it right, or the world will hear how I really feel,” Osbourne stated via Twitter, shortly after the vicious remarks about Zendaya’s hair had been made.

Griffin also quit the show, but for very different reasons. It was reportedly unpleasant for the two original co-hosts Rancic and Osbourne to work with Griffin. The new host thought that “Fashion Police” was a one-man show, when that had never been the case with Rivers. Honestly, good riddance to Griffin. She was making the show all about her and not about making people laugh.

E! announced Tuesday that the return show has been postponed until September 2015, and it is becoming clear how impossible it will be to re-launch the show without Rivers. On the other hand, executive producer Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers’ daughter, seems confident that the re-launch will happen and she will continue her mother’s legacy. It has been reported that Rancic and Goreski will return to the show, working with Melissa Rivers, in the early fall. Only time will tell what will happen and if “Fashion Police” will continue to sink or swim.