Glowing. Lady Gaga is glowing. She is at the top of music and entertainment’s radar and is in the hearts of many fans. Over the past few months, she seems to have jumped to a new peak in her career — one full of love, success and oh-so-much talent.

This celebrity first came to stardom in 2008 with her first hit song “Just Dance.” Even if people were not familiar with her music, her wild and crazy outfits could not be missed. Lady Gaga became iconic for owning the most bizarre wardrobe, including a peacock-feathered head piece, an origami dress, a racy nun outfit and let’s not forget her dress made out of raw meat. Her eerie, creepy music videos matched this odd style, but with her incredible voice and dancing, the spotlight welcomed her as an innovative, undeniably talented music artist.

Lady Gaga is abandoning her original image and taking on a more demure style.  PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER TJ Sengel

Lady Gaga is abandoning her original image and taking on a more demure style. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER TJ Sengel

Over the years, Lady Gaga’s top songs have been downloaded millions of times, including her song “Poker Face,” which rests as the seventh best-selling download ever. However, I feel that this celebrity, who was the talk of the town for years, seemed to have been in a lull period for quite some time just a few months ago. Other than her song “Applause” from 2013, shows that her biggest hits are from 2011 and earlier. Until 2014, although she still had her diehard fans, Lady Gaga did not appear to be the tabloids’ main focal point.

Gaga gained attention again in 2014 with the release of her album with Tony Bennett, entitled “Cheek to Cheek.” Although their album was only nominated for the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album award, Lady Gaga made quite the statement during her performance with Bennett at the 2015 Grammys. She walked out on stage, and everyone ooo’d and ahh’d at her spectacular black sequin gown, bright red lipstick and long, voluminous hair — a very conservative look for this singer.

At the 2015 Oscars, Lady Gaga appeared in a large white dress and red gloves, recalling her signature “out there” style. Later in the night, however, she put on one of the best performances of her lifetime and looked absolutely elegant while doing it. Wearing a long, flowing, white dress, Lady Gaga sang a medley of songs from “The Sound of Music” as a tribute to the musical, and to introduce Julie Andrews, the original star of the film. Audience members were brought to tears as Gaga sang her heart out, sending waves of emotion that resonated within viewers. This performance was the number one set of the night, and people are still talking about its magnificence today. This medley reminded everyone just how talented Lady Gaga is and definitely earned her some more fans and a whole new level of respect.

I, for one, think this performance pushed Lady Gaga back into the focus of entertainment’s interest. Moreover, Rolling Stone announced Wednesday that Lady Gaga will star in Season 5 of “American Horror Story.” The combination of her iconic strange styles and her popularity makes her the perfect candidate for this role.

Her career is skyrocketing yet again, but so is her personal life. She recently announced her engagement to actor and model Taylor Kinney, and photos of the couple show that they are happily in love. Perhaps her happy love life has pushed her into a new chapter of her career? Whatever it is, she’s toned down her wacky look that propelled her into fame and has left us with her voice to carry her forward in the music industry. I send her all the praise in the world and am excited to see where she turns next. You go, Gaga.