One of 2014’s breakout stars Iggy Azalea has recently quit what has arguably become the only thing keeping her in the news — her Twitter. In yet another string of angry tweets, she called the Internet “the ugliest reflection of mankind there is” (but all she does is spend her time on the Internet…) after TMZ posted photos of her cellulite while she was on vacation.

Her management has now taken over her Twitter, so we will no longer be blessed with Iggy’s biweekly Twitter rants, the most recent one being her one-sided feud with Papa John’s. I loathe her, and I loathe her music, but that tirade against the pizza chain was hilarious. Instead of enjoying preparations for the Grammys and then enjoying the after-parties (even though she lost), the rapper was firing off tweets at the bemused pizza chain. The “I want answers @papajohns” tweet is a shining beacon, and I will be sad to no longer be blessed by such glorious tweets.

Iggy Azalea has a history of racist comments and feuds on Twitter. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS USER FlickreviewR 2

Iggy Azalea has a history of racist comments and feuds on Twitter. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS USER FlickreviewR 2

Many others, however, have celebrated the end of Iggy’s Twitter reign. Her years-long Twitter feud with fellow rapper Azealia Banks has become exhausting and shown how vile each of them are. Even outside of that feud, Azalea has consistently shown herself to be quite unapologetically racist.

Critics have pointed out that Iggy has failed to listen to any sort of attempt to educate her on cultural appropriation and racism and would rather chalk up criticism to people being jealous of her success. In general, Iggy Azalea is a messy, messy person, and the less of that people see on the Internet, the better.

Her attitude toward social justice and civil rights — a lack of self-awareness and failure to listen to those who have more knowledge on the subject — have really killed her public image on social media. It’s an attitude that just does not work in that kind of space, something that Patricia Arquette is now learning after her controversial backstage Oscars remarks on people of color and the gay community.

While she is a racist and vile person, Iggy herself has been the victim of misogyny, and that is the root of her leaving the social media site. Snoop Dogg publicly body-shamed her on Twitter and Instagram and angrily reacted with foul language when Iggy called him out. Eminem threatened to rape Iggy in a recent song lyric and received little criticism for it.

Sexism is something all female celebrities face on Twitter and the Internet, and it is something that is rarely acknowledged. The anonymity allows for all kinds of disgusting remarks made toward women, one that surely must be barely tolerable. Jennifer Lawrence, an Academy Award-winning box office superstar, has faced torrents of that abuse, before and after her nude photos were infamously leaked in a massive privacy breach. Recognizing the danger and negativity women face on the Internet, Lawrence has stated in interviews that she will never get a Twitter or anything else. And for that, she seems happier.

In the end, I’m sure Iggy Azalea will not be missed on Twitter. Her consistent ignorance has sparked dozens of angry discussions on cultural appropriation, racism and homophobia. She has shown herself to lack any self-awareness of ability to accept criticism. Her Twitter has also shown the misogyny female celebrities often face on social media. I wonder how long Iggy will stay away from the social media site. The next time Papa John’s wrongs her, I’m sure she’ll be back, firing away more angry tweets.