With this Tuesday’s episode, we’ll be about halfway through the fifth season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and we’ll also reach the 100-episode mark for the series as a whole.

Because the season is halfway over, it’s safe to say that it’s the best season the show has seen in a few years. While not as good as the first two seasons, as the Beverly Housewives now lack the amazing villain that was Camille Grammer, we’re witnessing a rebirth from the staleness that was last season.

Lisa Vanderpump has been the picture of class on this season of RHOBH. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

Lisa Vanderpump has been the picture of class on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

Much of the rebirth has to do with the two new women in the cast this year: soap opera stars Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna. They both have brought that classiness back to a show that was sorely lacking it. They’ve both been incredibly real and open in their interviews, talking about everything from bratty teenage daughters to all of the backstage drama on their soap shows. It’s wonderful to see attractive, wealthy and funny ladies once again fill the “Beverly Hills” scene. And what’s more, they provide a lot of balance to the walking trash can that is Brandi Glanville.

Yes, Planet Trash Citizen Brandi “Oops my tampon string is hanging out” Glanville is still wreaking havoc on the Beverly Hills scene, and she doesn’t even live there. We see her this season moving into yet another rented home, where she throws a housewarming party with rented furniture. It’s all so elegant and chic, just what we would expect from a Beverly Hills housewife.

The forever-scorned ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian is still up to her old tricks, drinking like a 20-year-old sorority girl, starting drama and refusing to take any sort of accountability for her actions. This season, we’ve seen her throw a glass of wine in poor Eileen’s face for literally no reason. The 13-going-on-40-year-old’s behavior has gotten so bad that even her number one fan Yolanda Foster, who thankfully has made only a small ripple on this season, is starting to reprimand her. With any luck, the entire cast will unite against her, and the jealous drunk toaddess will be off the show for good.

Some of Brandi’s most heinous behavior involves driving a wedge between the Richards sisters, who are still fighting tooth-and-nail. Brandi and the supposedly sober Kim are now besties, even though in the past, Brandi has accused Kim of being on meth and threatened to kill her, and Kim has branded Brandi a “slut pig.” The good old days.

Brandi has taken it upon herself to be Kim’s life coach, even though we haven’t seen an episode where Brandi hasn’t gotten aggressively drunk. Naturally, this has agitated Kim sister’s Kyle, who was a child actress, don’t ya know, in “Halloween.” With all of this stress, Kyle has had no time to flip her hair incessantly, or do splits at parties for attention.

This season, Kim has fallen off the wagon. She took her ex-husband’s painkillers and displayed erratic, non-sober behavior. In true manipulative fashion, however, Kim has decided to push all accountability off herself and onto her sister, encouraged by the lonely drunk toaddess Brandi. The thing I hate most about Brandi is that she has put me on Kyle’s side, and I hate Kyle. She’s an awful friend, she’s manipulative, she’s insecure and she’s attention-seeking. Yet Miss Flips is nowhere near as bad as Miss Tampon String. At least Kyle has a sense of class about her. Brandi is just plain trash who does not belong on this show.

Watching all of this drama from her pink diamond palace guarded by swans is Lisa Vanderpump, the true queen of Beverly Hills. Lisa is above all of the Brandi drama this season — she only comments on it sometimes in her interviews, throwing out some serious shade to Glanville. Lisa is too busy taking care of her dozen-or-so dogs and helping her son find his birth family. Every scene with Lisa is a beautiful oasis, one meant to be cherished dearly for the hour-long episode.

There’s been a ton of drama already this season, and there’s still lots more to come — we still haven’t seen Brandi slap Lisa. With all the pain and anger Brandi has caused in her time on the show, I cannot wait to see her get some back. And then leave the show forever. The classier “Beverly Hills” is, the better.