Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

Other than being nice, funny and an absolute gem, Taylor Swift is one of the only artists who proactively shows love and gratitude to her fans.

Swift is a genius when it comes to social media and connecting with her fans. Tumblr? Check. Twitter? Check. Facebook? Check. Instagram? Check.

The hashtag #taylurking has been around for months and refers to Swift’s comments on Tumblr posts (and memes of herself) and her tweeting of photos of fans with her newest album, “1989.” Though it may seem odd, this type of fan cyber-stalking is not creepy to those of this generation.

Taylor Swift is known for giving gifts to her fans.  PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

Taylor Swift is known for giving gifts to her fans. PHOTO VIA GOOGLE IMAGES

On Jan. 12, Swift had a bodyguard deliver a personal package to a fan named Rebekah Bortniker. It included jewelry, a watercolor painting and a hand-written note. Most importantly, the package included $1,989 for the fan to pay off her student loans.

Swift’s generosity doesn’t end here. This year, Swift hosted a series of “1989” Secret Sessions, where she invited fans to her houses around the world to listen to the album, eat cookies and pet her cats.

If all of this hasn’t made you want to jump on the Swift bandwagon, she also gave out early Christmas presents to some of her fans who were going through tough times, attended a fan’s bridal shower with gifts and visited a little boy to give him a toy Mercedes.

Taylor Swift is one of my guilty pleasures. There, I said it. I get a lot of backtalk for admiring her, but the positive ways in which she treats her fans allow her to become more likeable. It’s no wonder she has become so popular.

All celebrities should take note. Swift has an extremely tight-knit fan base because she genuinely cares and shows her fans that through actions, not just words. Her sweet, bubbly and generous personality also helps.

We love you, Tay. Keep doing you.