By Elly Hu, Staff Writer


Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes, a local cafe in the Fenway area not too far from Shaw’s./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

For many of us, the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood is home to the Red Sox, various museums, and the soon-to-be first CityTarget on this coast (slated to open in 2015). But aside from these big attractions, this area is also home to local businesses serving to the area’s residents.

Location #7: Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes (96 Peterborough Street, Boston)

A block away from where CityTarget will be, and a street behind the Shaw’s-Star Market, this little coffeehouse is nestled between a strip of diverse restaurants serving both residents and local college students. The interior is welcoming with their wooden tables arranged along a burgundy toile wallpaper covered wall. Hanging light fixtures illuminate the small but cozy space.

This location offers a variety of crepes that they make right in front of you as well as numerous baked goods that the staff makes in-house (warning: the aromas coming from the kitchen may entice you to want to buy something every five minutes if you stay). It makes for a great place to get work done (with only Xfinity Wi-Fi, you can avoid the constant need to check all your social media accounts every 10 minutes), but since it is the only one of its kind in the area, be sure to come knowing that the tables get taken pretty quickly.

What I ordered: /PHOTO BY Elly Hu

What I ordered: A banana-chocolate chip-espresso muffin and coffee./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

What I ordered: A banana-chocolate chip-espresso muffin and a pumpkin macaron.

The banana muffin was the best I’ve ever had – the chocolate chips were plentiful and mixed with the moist banana flavors in the muffin; it was a delicious combination of flavors. The pumpkin macaron was chosen purely for my love of all things seasonal – which is especially strong in the last days of fall and pumpkin spice lattes. Other seasonal offerings include Thanksgiving (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and walnuts) and pumpkin pie crepes. But with Christmas around the corner (only 36 days away… but who’s counting?) I can’t wait to see what sweet offerings I’ll get to try next!