By Adrienne Cytto, Staff Writer

The Sydney Opera House, at night./PHOTO BY Adrienne Cytto

The Sydney Opera House, at night./PHOTO BY Adrienne Cytto

In the beginning of the semester, we took a cruise around the harbor, where I first laid eyes on the Sydney Opera House. After dreaming of seeing the Opera House for years and even painting it on a canvas, I have to admit it was a little anticlimactic, maybe because it was in the distance or maybe because I was still in shock that I was actually in Australia.

Last weekend however, I was reunited with the beauty of the Opera House in all its fame and glory and spent the weekend admiring it from the outside and inside. On Saturday my roommates and I did some much needed exploring around the Sydney Harbor and the Opera House. Seeing it close up was absolutely amazing and met all my expectations and more. The closer I got the more details I noticed in the architecture that you can’t really see from a picture or far away on a boat. As we walked up the steps to the Opera House I felt like I could just sit there for the rest of my time here and be completely happy.

Fortunately, we got the opportunity to come back the next day to watch the Australian Dance Awards. We couldn’t pass up $45 student tickets to see a show in the Opera House. Along with two of our other friends, my roommates and I got all dressed up and returned back to the Opera House where we had a photo shoot before entering to see the show. I can’t really describe the feeling but everything just felt perfect in those few hours.

During the show we saw some amazing dancers and dances, including an excerpt from the Australia Ballet’s performance of “Cinderella.” We also got to show off our dance moves to Michael Jackson as we put on white gloves that were on our seats and learnt some steps with dancer Ghenoa Gela. Needless to say, it was a pretty awesome night.

I highly encourage anyone who is thinking or planning on coming to study abroad or visit Sydney to attend a show at the iconic Opera House. Although it took me nearly my whole time here to get there, I kept it as a goal my whole time and kept it in mind until I finally got the free time to fulfill it. Some things are definitely important to plan ahead of time when studying abroad and trying to fit in so many trips and cultural activities. But as long as you keep in mind all you want to accomplish with your time, you can make it happen.