By Elly Hu, Staff Writer

Oakleaf Cakes ./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

Oakleaf Cakes is known for their cakes and cake decoration classes./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

When I was younger, I used to watch “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and see all the mega-wealthy teens get kickass cakes for their party. That interest then led me to watch shows that centered only around cake decoration.  Have you seen some of these cakes? They are incredible. The real question is: how do you even cut the irregular shaped ones? While I haven’t had to face that dilemma in real life, I recently came across a unique bakery offering creative flavors and eye-catching custom cakes.

Location #6: Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop (12 Westland Ave. Boston, Mass.)

This cake and coffee shop is located right around the corner off of the BU Shuttle’s Huntington Street stop, Oakleaf Cakes’s window instantly attracts passerby, myself included, with it’s gorgeous cakes displayed proudly.

They have the right to be proud — most recently, they were chosen by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine as one of the top 63 cake makers in the country and through the years, it has been featured in numerous magazines and even live TV competitions on the Food Network. They even built a life-size Stormtrooper for a convention! While Oakleaf Cakes is recognized nationally, they also offer a multitude of cake decoration classes for the community so for those of you budding artists in culinary design, I think it would be a great place to learn!

During my visit to the store, the cheerful employees and the general atmosphere made it a great place. The interior of the coffee shop is very home-y and comfortable — there is plenty of space for people to sit and enjoy their baked goodies while they do their work or for the cake consultants to discuss decoration ideas with their customers. With Christmas lights strung across the room, it has a cozy ambiance that would be great for meeting people or doing some light work.

What I ordered: an specialty brewed coffee with a vegan pumpkin spice muffin and an apple cider muffin. What I liked was that Oakleaf had a list of different types of coffee brews and descriptions of each underneath, which was helpful for a clueless customer like me. They also brewed each individual order, so while it took a little longer, it really brought out the flavors of the coffee.

Both the vegan pumpkin and apple cider muffins complemented the coffee well with its sweetness and texture. Among these muffins, they also had a cinnamon chai cookie, chocolate chip banana bread, mini pumpkin and apple cheesecakes, a variety of cupcakes.

What really interested me about Oakleaf was the number of vegan options they offered. Knowing vegan friends myself, I’ve always wondered about how difficult it must be to find vegan options. On their website, they even listed they have gluten-free options as well. I think it’s very cool of them to offer so many options to appeal to a wide range of customers and I’ll be sure to be back to introduce my friends to this fantastic place!