By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

Country princess Taylor Swift transitions into pop seamlessly with the debut of her new song 'Blank Space."/PHOTO VIA Flickr user Eva Rinaldi

Country princess Taylor Swift transitions into pop seamlessly with the debut of her new song ‘Blank Space.”/PHOTO VIA Flickr user Eva Rinaldi

I first listened to “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift about two days ago. I asked for suggestions on what to listen to on the “1989” album, and that’s the first one I got from a few people. After giving it a listen, I thought it was an okay song, but nothing too special.

Then, I put it on repeat.

As with what happens to a lot of songs once you keep listening to them, I realized the musical genius behind the song. Sure, it’s not very deep or anything but I like that it’s realistic — at least, to a certain extent. She sings about her list of ex-lovers, addresses her haters, and puts it straight with this lyric: “Cause you know I love the players / And you love the game.”

The music video for the song came out yesterday on Taylor Swift’s VEVO. First of all, I love that it takes place on what looks like castle grounds. The whimsical feel to the song matches the whimsical feel of the video.

At first, the video starts off in a typical Swift way – as a fairytale. We are introduced to the boyfriend, male model Sean O’Pry. In a series of jealousy-inducing scenes, Swift and O’Pry show off their beautiful relationship.

Then, as most relationships do, the beautiful turns ugly. They begin to fight and scream at each other. We even get to watch Swift destroy a beautiful car with a golf club while O’Pry watches in horror. The ending does get a bit weird, because Swift literally turns psycho, but let’s be real – we all feel like that on the inside when relationships turn sour.

The end of the video concludes with a shot of O’Pry, then Swift.

I’ve seen a lot of weird videos in my time (let’s not forget about Lady Gaga), so I didn’t really see why people seemed to think the video was incredibly out there. I found it to be well shot, and in general, just a great video. Swift really shines in this, and the song itself works well with the video.

For more on the video, Swift released an app as part of the “Blank Space experience.” The app, for both iOS and Android, allows the user to explore the place in the video to find special clues about Swift and the making of the video.