By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

John Oliver, comedian and satirist, hosts his own late night talk show, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”/PHOTO VIA Wikimedia Commons

Once again, British fever is taking root in America with John Oliver. You might remember him as that British guy who took over on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” He got his own late night talk show at the beginning of this year, and here are reasons why you should be watching it (if the > 1 million views don’t convince you):

1. He is very easy to understand.

I find John Oliver very clear and understandable. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Instead, he brings the issues into laymen’s terms so that the audience can understand the real issue with what he’s talking. He then adds his own two cents. The reason why I like this brings me into my next point.

2. He is informative.

Even as a journalism major, sometimes it gets difficult for me to keep up with the news, especially when so much jargon is thrown around on the news. John Oliver takes the time to explain the issues in such a way that you finally get what’s going on in the world. Honestly, sometimes one of the best ways to get news is to watch these satirical late night shows because they often explain the news in way that is easy to understand.

3. He points out all the issues.

He isn’t afraid to attack what’s popular. For example, in his video about the Miss America pageants, he questions why these competitions are still around despite the archaic views towards women the pageants support. In addition, he called out the ridiculousness of the pageants themselves with the impossible questions they ask contestants to answer – in 20 seconds, no less. While this is a specific example, you can go through any of his videos and see that he does the same, thought-provoking analysis to other issues and topics.

4. He has a British accent.

I think the phrase “enough said” works here.

If you want to check out his videos, they are posted on YouTube every Sunday. Go ahead and check out a few – you’ll be amazed at how funny and informative John Oliver truly is. I have no doubt that his popularity will rise in the coming months.