By Jenna Perlman, Staff Writer

Well, Halloween is here. And if you’re still struggling to find the perfect costume, you’re not alone. I’m still struggling to decide between being Honey Boo Boo or a firefighter… but I digress.

However, there are many morally wrong costumes out there – ones that are both incredibly controversial and flat out offensive.

Here are the top three costumes that you probably shouldn’t be this year in order to avoid a blow to your reputation and a possible street fight:

1. Sexy Ebola nurse costume

“Sexy Ebola nurse” tops the list of offensive and distasteful Halloween costumes this year./PHOTO VIA Creative Commons

There are so many things wrong with this costume. While the Ebola epidemic has been a bit of an exaggeration at times, it still is a serious issue that has killed thousands. With at least 18 cases treated in the United States and Europe, African countries fighting for their lives, Chris Christy quarantines and semi-major freak-outs, this costume is the last thing anyone needs right now. Additionally, it sexually objectifies woman, which is a problem within itself.

2. Anything controversially bloody or violent

Malaysian Flight #370 Passengers, Michael Brown, Ray Rice, ISIS – these are just plain messed up. I totally understand that putting yourself in a flight attendant uniform is a cute look, and the media frenzy of the missing Malaysian flight was hilarious from the American perspective, but putting yourself in a Malaysian Airlines flight attendant uniform with blood all over yourself is just plain wrong. So is joking about the death of Michael Brown and the killings that ISIS is doing. Have a little humanity, please.

3. Celebrity trauma and suicides

We, as Americans, absolutely love to mock death and make fun of celebrity’s misfortune, but as a Halloween costume it can be taken too far. Take this Whitney Houston costume for example. It’s one thing to dress up as the “Queen of the Night” by dressing as diva, but putting yourself in a bathtub with pill bottles hinting to her overdose while singing “I will always love you” is just embarrassing and disrespectful. I also saw a picture of a man dressing as Robin Williams in all black with a noose around his neck. Tell me, how is that funny? Suicide should never be joke, even if Whitney Houston and Robin William’s cases were in the public eye. USE YOUR BRAINS, PEOPLE. YOU’RE EMBARRASING YOURSELVES.

In this cram time before Halloween, when Party City receives 95% of its profit for the whole year, pick an appropriate costume. Because getting in a fight at a party over a costume that you thought was funny but others thought offensive is just not the ideal way to spend your hallo-weekend.