By Christine Kelly, Staff Writer

Our spooky tour guide led us around historic areas in Cambridge and told us ghost stories./PHOTO BY Christine Kelly

Our spooky tour guide led us around historic areas in Cambridge and told us ghost stories./PHOTO BY Christine Kelly

With Halloween coming up this week, I decided to add a little seasonal twist to one of the official BUcket list items. I suppose I could’ve “pahked my cah in the Hahvard Yahd” but I don’t have a car or a thick Boston accent. I don’t even know where that phrase came from because in order to get into the Harvard Yard, you need to travel by foot. Anyway, this week I decided to venture to Cambridge to take the Harvard Square Ghost Tour.

#2: Harvard Square Ghost Tour

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. Half of me was ready to get creeped out while the other half was hoping I was still going to be able to sleep at night.

The Harvard Square Ghost Tour is part of the Cambridge Historical Tours. You walk around with a “professional storyteller” and they bring you around the area to give you a bit of the darker history of Cambridge. Who knew there were so many tales about murder, freak accidents, and the undead? It’s like the colonial version of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

We met up with our tour guide, dressed in a 19th century suit with white and black makeup on his face, in front of the Harvard Coop. We couldn’t miss him, and there was a pretty big crowd already gathered around that consisted of everyone from small children to elderly couples.

We began the tour with a couple of ghost stories right outside the old jailhouse — a witch story, of course. Typical Boston. According to our tour guide, it’s pretty common to see a 14-year-old girl dressed in rags with a baby somewhere around Harvard Square whenever something bizarre happens.

I’m Filipino, and in my culture, people are very religious and believe they are in touch with their spiritual side. I grew up believing in ghosts and I don’t really care what anyone else says because I know they’re real. I’ve experienced enough weird things to know you don’t mess with that stuff.

As you can imagine, I believed every word the tour guide said. Even if you aren’t an avid believer in the supernatural, you can at least enjoy the story and the intricate details behind it. As a film/TV major, I love storytelling almost more than I love ghosts. I don’t even really care if the stories aren’t real. As long as it’s a good story that’s all I want.

Maybe it’s just me, but I genuinely enjoy learning new things and gaining knowledge. Call me a nerd, but I feel like Boston has so much history behind those brick covered walls.  It’s about the traditions and legends that have been passed on since the 1700s.

I’ve never walked the freedom trail and while I think I’d still enjoy that, the Ghost Tour was more up my alley. This tour tells you everything that other tours wouldn’t. It gave you all the dirty, gruesome of every landmark.

If you enjoy these details and a little less-than-traditional ghost story experience, you should really check out these tours. Although they do not have a tour on the day of Halloween, they will be giving their last tours Thursday to Sunday this weekend.

Happy Halloween!