By Elly Hu, Staff Writer

It’s been a blustery and rainy couple days here in Boston (RIP umbrellas) and for those of you who have yet to experience New England’s winter weather: don’t get too surprised when the rain starts turning into snow. Now that the weekend is upon us, take a breather and end your week on better note by cozying up to a warm mug of delicious coffee made just for you.

If you ever have some spare time to kill, check out Render Coffee Bar./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

If you ever have some spare time to kill, check out Render Coffee Bar./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

Location #4: Render Coffee (563 Columbus Ave)

Getting off the BU Shuttle at the Symphony stop puts you a short block and a half distance away from one of “America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops“. While the rain and wind I battled to get there was far from ideal, I was pleasantly welcomed by Render’s chill ambience. The dark teal walls were a calm contrast to the spotlight from the ceiling and I was also surprised as to how much seating there was in what appeared to be a very small and narrow room from the outside.

When you walk past the register, you see a room with plenty of seating and even farther down is what looked like an indoor patio surrounded by glass windows. I can’t even imagine how cool it’d be to sit in there on a sunny day (#photosynthesis + good vibes). Had it not been for the weather, I’m sure the outdoor patio would also have been a good place to work and relax. While I don’t remember much of the music playing in the background, it was set at a volume loud enough that it filled the void, but just under to allow my friend and I to speak quietly so as to not disrupt other patrons.


The barista suggested the day’s pour-over coffee special, La Golondria, to pair with a chocolate chip muffin./PHOTO BY Elly Hu

What I ordered: The day’s pour-over coffee special, La Golondria, with a chocolate chip muffin to counter the strength of the coffee (a suggestion made by the very friendly, hipster-cool barista).

I wouldn’t come here if you were in a rush for your coffee because from what I can tell, Render is particular with taking time to provide quality. My coffee took a good 5 minutes, but because it was made individually by drip, it was really strong and allowed me to savor it slowly. My friend who came along got a large milky chai latte that she was very happy with.

While the price was more than I have paid for a mug of coffee in the area, I fully support Render, knowing that good things take time. I also had my eye on the goat cheese quiche, so that’s another thing I look forward to ordering on my next trip.

Bonus: Inside, the coffee shop is connected to a very adorable gift store next door, Luke Adams Gifting Co. We wandered in there after finishing up in Render and it was filled with many quirky trinkets and cards with kooky sayings and puns on them. A one-of-a-kind store, indeed.