By Jenna Perlman, Staff Writer

FLOTUS./PHOTO VIA Flickr user U.S. Department of Agriculture

FLOTUS./PHOTO VIA Flickr user U.S. Department of Agriculture

She’s done it again, folks. Michelle Obama has won our generation’s hearts through clever humor and catchy dance moves.

The White House  recently released a six-second Vine of the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) jamming out to “Turn down for what,” holding a turnip. She proceeds to hold the turnip in her hand and do some real cute dance moves. This was a response to the question, “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn up’?!” during an #AskFirstLady segment, where Michelle sat in the White House and answered questions about how to stay active and be healthy.

Like most First Ladies, Michelle Obama has a cause to advocate for while her husband is runnin’ the free world. Past First Ladies, like Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush, fought for social issues like “Just Say No to Drugs” and “Ready to Read, Ready to Learn.” Michelle Obama took on one of our generation’s biggest problems: childhood obesity. And she’s spreading the importance of eating healthy and exercising in ways that are bigger and better than ever through social media.

Michelle has Twitter accounts, Vine accounts, and Facebook pages. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll understand how brilliant I think her Twitter account is (I’m her number one retweeter). Her accounts, @FLOTUS and @MichelleObama have cute pictures of the work she’s doing, as well as updates on the issues she cares about.

She’s the first First Lady that has had access to this kind of communication and she’s using it to her full advantage. Her presence on the Internet is a strong one and she appears with spunk and an informed voice.  And even better, she’s personable.

Michelle Obama’s social media and participation in viral videos helps us to connect with her and her cause.  I feel like I know Michelle – like I’ve sat down with her and helped her pick out her dresses. I feel like I’ve had a healthy dinner and went spinning with her while we sang “Turnip for What” and Taylor Swift songs.

While her husband and other politicians are appealing to parents in more serious economic terms, Michelle is connecting to our generation through insane rap lyrics and odd dance moves. She serves as a role model for healthy eating, but also for female empowerment and self-expression. Michelle is not afraid to show her power as a woman, and is willing to be revolutionary along the way.

I strive to be as inspirational, humorous and charming as our wonderful First Lady one day. But until then, you keep doin’ you Michelle, and we’ll eat healthy… or at least, we’ll try.