By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Lego announced it would not renew its contract with Shell Gasoline on Oct. 9, thanks to a three-month campaign by Greenpeace, an environmental activist group. Greenpeace got on this case after Shell revised its plans to drill in the Arctic for the year 2015.

Since Arctic sea ice is dwindling, species like the walrus are forced to move in order to find habitable places. They have been seen on the coast of Alaska.

Even after Shell’s many unsuccessful tries to drill in the Arctic, they are still trying. In 2012, the drill ship the Noble Discoverer, lost control due to a “stiff breeze,” and have had a lot of their equipment crushed in trials in the Arctic.

This new and improved Shell initiative did not convince Greenpeace of the company’s request for another try at the Arctic, so they targeted one of Shell’s closer partners: Lego.

Greenpeace threw itself into gear and fought endlessly to pressure Lego to separate from Shell. There were protests at Shell gas stations and in front of the Shell headquarters in London with large and small Lego figures. On top of this, over a million people emailed Lego, asking the company to cut ties with Shell.

I personally think it’s great that Shell and Lego have cut ties. It’s not every day that partners like these (especially partners who have had a working relationship for 50 years) suddenly change their minds.  Environmental activists, like Greenpeace members, did a wonderful job at persuading the world to get behind them and change Lego’s mind for the better. The Arctic ice should not be touched. We’ve done enough damage up there, and now humans want to make it even worse for selfish reasons. It’s ridiculous.

Greenpeace released a video of Lego figures and animals on snowy landscapes slowly getting drowned by oil as a slow cover of “Everything is Awesome” plays in the background.  The end of the video implores its viewers to “tell Lego to end its partnership with Shell.”

Congratulations, Greenpeace and Lego fans everywhere, you did it.