By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

One of the great things about living in the Boston area (or more specifically, on the BU campus) is the fact that we live right next to three awesome concert venues – Paradise Rock Club, House of Blues and Agganis Arena.

Agganis Arena might not seem like the ideal location, but with an incredible amount of seating and standing room, in addition to the stage setup, it really transforms into a concert venue.

If you doubted the sheer awesome that Dan Smith is, here's a photo to prove you wrong./PHOTO BY Shivani Patel

If you doubted the sheer awesome that Dan Smith is, here’s a photo to prove you wrong./PHOTO BY Shivani Patel

Bastille, one of my favorite bands, played at Agganis on Monday night. Formed in 2010, this English rock band very recently got popular with the release of their first album “Bad Blood,” which includes hits such as “Pompeii,” “Icarus,” and “Laura Palmer.”

The line to get into the floor standing room reached all the way to StuVi 2 from the side of Agganis, which was unsurprising. The crowd ranged from parents chaperoning their children to college students and adults. I had tickets for the floor standing room, so I was able to get a good view of the bands performing.

For once the opening band, Grizfolk, started on time, not too long after 8 p.m. Grizfolk’s lead singer Adam Roth mixes country music with what they call “electric-pop persuasion.” I wasn’t a huge fan of their music — their songs had strong instrumentals, but the lead singer’s voice failed to deliver.

Though I was less than impressed with Grizfolk, Bastille made the wait incredibly worth it. While the band came on stage, the background was playing videos which were eerie, similar to the feel of the album cover. Dan Smith, the lead singer and founder of Bastille, started off with the slow “Things We Lost in the Fire.”

The group ended up playing most of the songs off their album. Dan seemed overwhelmed by the amount of people in Agganis Arena, which was humbling considering that Bastille’s been on tour for a few months now. In the middle of the show, he actually ran across the entire stadium and sang to fans who weren’t as close up to the stage.

Highlights of the show included hits from the album: “Icarus,” “Laura Palmer,” and – of course – the finale, “Pompeii.”

I thought the show was pretty mellow, and there was such a laid back atmosphere at the show. It was nice that people were coming to really enjoy the music. I had a blast, so if you have a chance to see Bastille live, definitely go, because Dan Smith is just as amazing live as he is on recordings.

  1. Hi, I’m going to a show at Agganis in a few days. I have tickets for floor 2 GA. Do you have any advice you could give me to get the best concert experience? How early do you think I have to get there to be towards the front? (I’m seeing twenty one pilots, they’re pretty popular) Any advice on where I should park?

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