By Franchie Viaud, Staff Writer

Let's take a "what color matches your personality?" quiz and see how accurate the results are./PHOTO VIA Flickr user Beverley Goodwin

Let’s take a “what color matches your personality?” quiz and see how accurate the results are./PHOTO VIA Flickr user Beverley Goodwin

What Disney princess are you? Which Marvel hero are you? Emoji? “Harry Potter” character?

What does it say about our current society that we need social media-generated surveys to tell us who we are? Are they even remotely accurate? The questions range from “would you consider yourself to be sexually adventurous?” to “what’s your favorite color?”, from wholly intrusive to seemingly irrelevant inquiries.

Let’s delve into these surveys. After all, what better way to find out than to take one of these “personality quizzes” that have become increasingly popular on Facebook?

What color matches your personality?

(Let’s try to pretend, for a moment, that you can determine a person’s exact personality by the type of beverages one consumes. Oh and of course that one’s entire identity can be embodied by a single color). For the sake of time, I’ll only cover four quiz questions, although I will go through with all 10.

1. Tea or coffee?

Let’s try to rationalize this. Maybe tea makes you appear more bookish/intellectual. I can’t seem to get the idea of a dapper Englishman, sporting britches and one of those detective mustaches, along with the ever-present manacle resting neatly against his left eye, out of my mind. A pipe is firmly entrenched between his lips, and he has a book in one hand and a delicate china cup in the other containing lukewarm chamomile tea.

Lukewarm. Is that the kind of personality tea-drinkers possess? While coffee drinkers are more… daring? As an individual who drinks both coffee and tea (truly anything caffeinated) in equal amounts, I find this particular question challenging and I’ve already deemed it irrelevant. But for the sake of this article, I’ll choose coffee, though I haven’t the slightest clue what color that makes me more inclined towards.

2. Indoors or outdoors?

Indoors, definitely. Logically, perhaps this means I am more introverted and prone to deep reflections and solitude whereas the outdoorsy individual would be more of an extrovert, adventurous, and daring. Maybe this makes me more “blue.” I associate that exact color, as most people do, with tranquility and coolness.

3. If you had to pick one, would you rather…
a) Be rich

b) Be healthy
c) Be successful
d) Fall in love

Huh. There doesn’t seem to be an “all of the above” option, so after considerable thought and really, really thinking considerably here, I’ll pick “be rich” because I’m terribly superficial that way. But then again, all the money in the world can’t buy longevity. After all, what’s the point of being rich if you’re not healthy?

4. Would you rather:
a) Read
b) Make-out (Guess if I picked this one, that’d make me a “hussy”…perhaps a very passionate shade of red?)
c) Swim (What color is athletic? Blue?)
d) Keep fit
e) Meditate
(Definitely yellow.)
f) Socialize (red?)

I wonder what the range of colors is; I know pink’s one from the comments from previous quiz-takers but is magenta? Taupe? Or maybe those colors don’t have “personalities” that correlate with them. I pick “read.” Your guess is as good as mine.


Orange. I dislike orange. Literally. I avoid foods orange in tinge, hue or shade (although this isn’t a quiz that defines your favorite color, but rather what color defines you). I was fully expecting blue, to be honest.

According to the quiz, my results are: “You have a cherry happy, personality and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. You like to stay in good shape, and to eat healthily… Don’t take yourself too seriously and you’ll be fine.” It’s truly incredible. I’ve never taken one of these quizzes and gotten a result furthest from the truth — and I’ve had some considerably far-fetched analyses.

In conclusion, take these things for what they are: entertainment.