By Kimberly Rendon, Spotlight Editor

Eating on a budget doesn't have to be totally miserable./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Carson Ting

Eating on a budget doesn’t have to be totally miserable./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Carson Ting

One of the beauties of living in a dorm room with a meal plan is never worrying about where your next meal is coming from. The dining halls – no matter how much we might complain about them sometimes – can be lifesavers. You just have to slide that Boston University ID card and BAM! Instant buffet at your disposal.

For students who don’t have a meal plan or are on the Apartment Plan, it’s a whole different story. I’ve heard grocery shopping is a real pain. I’ve also heard that the “good food for college students to make in their apartments” lists online are, according to my apartment-dwelling friend, “insulting.” Especially a list on Seventeen Magazine’s website that named a peanut butter and jelly sandwich a good college food.

I didn’t find it that insulting. But then again, I enjoy eating PB&Js. I also sandwiched sushi between Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño Chips for lunch today­(fish and chips!) because I have yet to learn how to use chopsticks. But that’s a different story.

So in learning that “insulting” food for college students does, indeed, exist, I have complied a short list of other insulting foods and how they can be enhanced.

1. Peanut butter
People seem to really love peanut butter, either on a cracker or in a sandwich or off a spoon. It’s a college student/life essential. But next time you feel the need to be really indulgent, follow this recipe: Take a bunch of spoonsful of peanut butter and put it in a bowl. Take a bunch of spoonsful of Nutella and put it in that same bowl. Stir. Ta-da! Melted Reese’s. Enjoy (and you’re welcome).

 2. Ice cream
We all eat ice cream. I see people in the dining halls eating it all the time. But no one ever seems to get really creative with it. Here’s an idea: Next time you serve yourself ice cream, serve it in a bowl. Get vanilla. Then find the strawberries by the waffle area (usually 100 Bay State has them) and put them in the bowl. Then add the crumbled Oreo cookies from the dispenser. And chocolate syrup. And caramel syrup. And chocolate chips. If you’re up to the challenge, that is.

3. Ramen noodles
The college cliché. I have yet to eat ramen noodles since becoming a college student. In fact, I eat more ramen noodles when I’m at home then when I’m at BU. But that’s beside the point. Have you ever tried eating ramen noodles with Tapatio hot sauce and lime? It’s how Mexicans eat ramen noodles. I can say that because I’m Mexican. And I eat my ramen noodles that way. The problem is that BU only seems to carry lemons and Tabasco sauce. Both are okay substitutes, I guess.