By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

Since its arrival on the market, GoPro has intrigued millions, and why not? After all, a tiny camera that can attach to a helmet and record any activity seems like a daredevil’s dream come true. Whether it’s frowned upon or not, people use it in all sorts of places, though some are more extreme than others.

For example, a video went viral a few months ago of a fireman saving and reviving a kitten from a building fire, caught on camera thanks to the GoPro attached to his helmet.

Some videos showcase more ordinary and beautifully simplistic actions, like this video of a GoPro attached to a pelican’s beak as it takes off and flies around. It shows stunning scenery and the mechanics of the pelican’s movements as it soars through the air. And, a Florida elementary student was sent to school with a GoPro camera strapped to his chest so his parents could get a sense of what life from his perspective looked like. His adventure around school, not to mention the camera attached to him, made him popular with his classmates.

But the craziest I have yet to hear is the story of George Kourounis, an explorer who has a thing for volcanoes. So much so, that he decided to head down into the Marum crater in the south Pacific. With a GoPro, as well as professional camera recording equipment, the dive was close to 1,200 feet. The journey to the Marum crater is absolutely breathtaking, and at one point you can see Kourounis scouring the Marum crater as lava bubbles to the surface.

With all these videos, I’m almost inspired me to grab a GoPro myself and scour the globe for thrilling sights to document. For now, enjoy the entertaining stories from all around the world the world by your fellow humans.