By Kimberly Rendon, Spotlight Editor

The first few weeks back at school are rough for everyone. From waking up in time for 8 a.m. classes to trying not to fall asleep in that giant lecture hall, sometimes the whole month of September feels like you’re riding one big struggle bus. Don’t follow my footsteps; here’s what you shouldn’t do during these first few weeks back — or ever.

1. Don’t lose your key.
Technically, I didn’t lose my dorm key on the first week of classes. But I didn’t know that then. That’s why I retraced my steps to and from Towers and Bay State. It’s why I asked both ladies working in the front of the dining hall, the security guard at Towers and the Residence Life workers if any of them had seen it. It’s also why I emptied out my purse multiple times and cursed very explicitly for the duration of the time I thought my key was lost.

I ended up using a replacement key from the Residence Life office. Although you are only allowed 24 hours with it, I used it for less than five minutes. As soon as I had access to my room, I emptied my purse for the third time just to check. I felt the fabric. The key had slipped through a hole in the fabric to the inside of my purse. All that stress, for NOTHING.

2. Don’t spill bleach all over your dorm floor.
Even if you only have two white things to wash, just use the laundry machine. Because if not, you’ll end up washing those two things in the bathroom sink, putting them in a bag to soak in bleach and spilling the liquid contents of that bag all over your dorm floor because of an previously unknown hole in said bag. At least that’s what happened to me. And then my dorm smelled like a pool – a very chlorine-infused pool.

3. Don’t be late to your first day of the job.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. At least, that’s what I thought until I showed up almost two hours late (with no excuse) to my first day of work. Everything’s cool now, thanks.


4. Don’t delete all your music off your laptop.
When cleaning out your laptop, don’t accidentally delete the music you worked so hard to illegally download, especially if you hadn’t downloaded it onto your phone yet. Without that music, you can’t jam out on the T or on Commonwealth Avenue when walking to class.

Music = survival. Protect that stuff.