By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

Get ready for SPLASH on Nickerson Field this Saturday./ PHOTO by Kyra Louie

Get ready for SPLASH on Nickerson Field this Saturday./ PHOTO by Kyra Louie

Welcome, BU Class of 2018! Being a freshman is difficult, but luckily, the Student Activities Office has planned yet another series of wonderful “Weeks of Welcome” events throughout September for you to get comfortable, both on campus and with each other.

BU offered some of the same events when I was a freshman, so I know how skeptical they may sound. Take the R-Rated Hypnotist, for example. You may think he is a fake, but let me tell you, Frank Santos Jr. is the real deal. He made students run around Metcalf and say very vulgar things without them remembering much afterwards. Just be careful what you wish for if you get picked! For the non-participants, just sit back, relax and get ready to laugh hysterically.

Another BU tradition is SPLASH, our huge clubs fair. There are over 450 clubs offered at BU, and most of them will have tables at SPLASH this Saturday. Honestly, this was my favorite freshman event. I cannot stress how important and memorable this event is.

There is always free stuff at SPLASH – pens, cups, t-shirts, countless fliers you won’t know what to do with when you get back to your dorm, I even got a spray-on tattoo my freshman year – you name it! But SPLASH is the only time when all the student groups gather in one place for one gigantic club expo.

Stroll around, and if a club catches your eye, leave your name and email address (clubs are a great way to make friends). BU prides itself in diversity, and that really is shown through our many different student groups. From the Hawaiian Cultural Association to the Beekeepers Club to Dumbledore’s Army, BU has anything and everything to offer.

SPLASH is usually hosted on Nickerson Field in a large circle (see photo above). Last year, however, it was held in Cummington Mall (behind Warren Towers), and the space just could not hold the amount of students that attended SPLASH. Needless to say, this year should run much smoother since it is back on Nickerson Field, right where it belongs.

The last WOW event I went to my freshman year was a Childish Gambino concert in Metcalf. There were plenty of people there, and to say that it was sweaty would be an understatement. Nonetheless, it was still a good time. Replacing Childish Gambino this year was DJ Case, who performed last weekend.

Keyla Blanco, a junior, attended Extreme Bingo on Saturday and commented that the experience was better the first time around.

“It was my second time [at Extreme Bingo]! I think I liked it more last year,” she commented. “But the music was good.”

I encourage you to check out SAO’s events for the next few weeks. They are there for all BU students, but are directed mainly at the freshmen as a welcome into our community. So grab your friends and head over to FitRec Late night, the R-Rated Hypnotist or even the Drive-in Movie on Nickerson for a fun time! Make some friends and some new memories, too!