By Kimberly Rendon, Spotlight Editor

Boston University is filled with acronyms — even the university’s name has a shortcut. It seems like in order to engage in BU conversation, one has to understand acronyms and their meanings. Don’t make the mistake that other new freshmen have made by saying the entire name of a BU building. Be the cool kid and use this guide for the most important acronyms used in BU lingo.

1. GSU: George Sherman Union
Probably the most important of all BU acronyms, the GSU is where all the fun happens. The GSU is also home to BU Central, which hosts numerous events throughout the year such as improv comedy shows and concerts.

2. PDP: Physical Development Program
A PDP basically means a cool class like boxing, modern dancing, cycling, or rock climbing. You can take these classes outside of your academic track and each is worth 0.5 to 1.0 credits. There are over 100 courses to choose from, so there’s definitely something out there for the active adventurer in you!

3. FitRec: Fitness and Recreation Center
This is where you go to exercise. There’s great equipment, courts for basketball and volleyball, an inside track and even a place to get smoothies (also known as a “Healthy Blend”) after a hard work out. Most PDP classes are located inside the FitRec.

4. HTC: Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground
Found in the lower level of the GSU, the HTC was named after Dr. Howard Thurman, a former Dean of Marsh Chapel who believed in the unity of all people. That being said, the HTC strives to connect people of all races, religions, languages and ethnicities by providing an open space for people to voice their opinions, study and celebrate special events.

5. StuVi 1 and 2
StuVi, short for Student Village, is the pinnacle of BU residencies. StuVi 1 is located on Buick Street and the newer StuVi 2 is on Harry Agganis Way. Although freshman students are not allowed to live in StuVi, those who make upperclassmen friends earn the privilege to walk the hallowed halls and see the breathtaking cityscape views.

And there you have it. Soon, these acronyms will seem less like reciting the alphabet backwards and more like texting abbreviations. GL!