By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Changes are coming to BU and Boston./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Henry Zbyszynski

Changes are coming to BU and Boston./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Henry Zbyszynski

After being away from Boston for a whole summer, the humid air embraced me lovingly as soon as I stepped off the plane and as I was welcomed back to the familiar buzz of Commonwealth Avenue.

Though the roads seemed familiar, not everything was as I left it back in May. There have been some changes around BU and Boston in the past few months. If you were gone for the summer, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening!

BU has invested nearly $40 million in renovations all around campus. Many of the renovations seem to be focused toward student living spaces, such as Myles Standish Hall and South campus.

However, the largest project thus far is the School of Law. The new building will be able to hold most law classes and provide students with a place to study and dine.

Other facilities around campus are being spruced up as well. The Metcalf Ballroom is finally updating their audiovisual system and Warren Towers is seeing a change as well. For those of you who are Dunkin’ fans, you can now get your quick fix at the new Dunkin’ counter inside the CityCo below Warren.

With all these things being added on campus, one thing that is missing is the 7-Eleven located in South Campus. Having recently moved in across the street, I was disappointed to see that it was closed down and for lease. The neighboring ones in Kenmore Square and West campus seem to still be alive and well.

As for changes in Boston, a big one is that the MBTA hiked up bus and subway fares on July 1. Prices all across the board were raised anywhere from $2 to $12. The MBTA predicts this will generate a $20 to $25 million more revenue this year — good for them, but bad for poor college students who’ve got things to do and places to be.

Not only will your ride be more expensive to go see a Bruins game, but the TD Garden itself is getting renovated. Renovations began this summer and will be continuing for the next two years. Everything from the Bruins Proshop to the Garden’s concession stands is being redesigned and rebuilt.

And there you have it. With so many changes happening, what are you looking forward to most?