By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

6. Amanda Bynes at the FIDM runway show:

2014 is starting to look like a year of redemption for wayward former child stars, and I love it! Amanda Bynes, who went through a series of unbelievable personal problems, was spotted at the FIDM — Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising — Debut Runway Show. She has dropped the fake wigs and cheek piercings and looked happy and healthy in glowing blonde locks alongside her parents, Rick and Lynn. Amanda seems to be doing well at FIDM, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Hopefully 2014 will help Amanda on her road to recovery!

5. Kimye’s Vogue cover:

Screenshot of James Franco's official Instagram spoof of the Kimye Vogue cover, taken on March 23, 2014.

James Franco’s official Instagram spoof of the Kimye Vogue cover. / SCREENSHOT BY Danny McCarthy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared together on the cover of Vogue, because they are taking over the world and I can’t stop it. Apparently Kardashian has finally garnered the approval of Anna Wintour, because there is no way that she would ever step foot into the Vogue office without Wintour giving her explicit permission. I think Wintour is the only one who can stand up to Kardashian, the Joker to her Batman. The photoshoot was shot by Annie Leibovitz, and featured a very matrimonial-looking Kim in the arms of a suited Kanye, which led to tons of spoofs, like James Franco and Seth Rogen. Of course, Twitter hated it and erupted into a million angry Tweets, but really, Kimye got the last laugh because Vogue. Vogue always wins.

4. One Direction fan double date:

One Direction’s Liam Payne and Harry Styles went on a double date with two lucky (understatement of the century) fans. The girls won a contest and were flown to London, where they got vouchers — worth $750 — to spend on the famous Carnaby Street before having a dinner date with the 1D members. The girls haven’t commented publicly on it, but literally what could they say other than, “It was amazing.” There are no other outcomes. The fan date was a first for One Direction, and hopefully it wasn’t the last.

3. Chris Hemsworth welcomes twin sons:

Well, the world just got a little cuter! Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky are the proud parents of twin sons. The Thor actor is over the moon, and the boys join big sister India Rose, 22 months. There is no word yet on names, but mom and babies are doing well. Hemsworth is not shy about loving fatherhood, and says that when he’s at work, all he thinks of is India, and when he’s at home, all he does is play with her! Congratulations to the Hemsworth family and its newest members!

2. Prince George’s nanny is revealed:

The baby prince has a new woman in his life, and she is a certified badass. His nanny, Maria Theresa Turrion Borrallo, was trained at Norland College, where she became certified in taekwondo and escape driving. Her appointment to the prestigious position has gathered some friction as she is not British but a native Spaniard, but William and Kate are not known for their adherence to tradition. The need for a nanny is coming off the heels of the announcement that Will and Kate will be going on a month-long tour of Australia and New Zealand.

1. Divergent movie release:

Okay, so I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am super excited about it! The book was awesome and Shailene Woodley is my queen. Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Divergent was released this past Friday, to both much laudation and much criticism. Let’s face it, Divergent is no Hunger Games, but frankly I don’t see why that should matter. The Washington Post argued that the movie was better than the book — a bold claim — and backed up its position by saying that the movie trimmed some of the lethargic fat of the book. While I can’t personally comment on the movie, I will say that the book did have moments that don’t translate as well on the big screen, so I’ll be interested to see which scenes made it and which got the ax. If you saw the movie let me know what you thought!