By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Bossy. We’ve all used it as a way to describe someone we know in a negative way. A campaign dubbed “Ban Bossy” has emerged to stop the usage of this word.

The two sponsors behind Ban Bossy are Lean In (founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg) and Girl Scouts. In addition, celebrities Beyonce, Jane Lynch and Condoleezza Rice have come together in support of this foundation.

The message at hand is that bossy is a term we use towards girls and women everywhere to degrade them. Instead of using words like leader to describe girls’ attitudes, bossy is used instead. This Pantene commercial is a perfect example of how words can be twisted when it comes to describing the different sexes.


So, instead of discouraging girls to take charge, Ban Bossy is embracing it. They believe that the confidence gap between girls and boys tend to begin to grow at an early age. If we can come together to get rid of this word, then we may be able to stop this gap. Girls will continue to raise their hands, speak up in class and have higher self-esteem.

I think this is a fantastic campaign that will really encourage girls to be less self conscious about speaking out. This campaign has the potential to convince our communities and future generations to be brighter, stronger and more passionate about what they do.

On the Ban Bossy website, there are leadership tips for girls, parents and teachers. In an effort to reach out to girls everywhere, Ban Bossy also has a multitude of tools that can help to boost confidence.

This is a campaign that not only women should be a part of, but men as well. It’s important that as a society, we come together to #banbossy.