By Jacob Carter, Staff Writer

As aptly suggested by the name, “taking a selfie” is a highly self-centered activity that corresponds well to the narcissistic nature of adolescence. Walking through any number of public venues, one would be hard-pressed not to find an individual striking an awkward pose as they snap a picture of themselves on their smartphone.

Now, as witnessed in several recent news articles, it would appear that people are receiving their comeuppance for such flagrant displays of self-interest.

First thing for everyone to know: selfies can possibly spread lice.

As friends cozy up to each other and intimately touch heads in preparation for a picture, some people say it is possible for a lice-infected individual to spread their infestation through such direct contact. The idea stems from a sudden increase in lice among high school students in some areas of the country, and though experts deny this to be an explanation for the outbreak, it is best to play it safe and keep your head to yourself.

If a possible epidemic does not deter you from the activity, then at least be conscious of whether or not the time and place of your selfie is appropriate. After all, it is always important to maintain a level of respect.

Unfortunately, some people still don’t know the meaning of the word, like the soldier who hid in her car to avoid saluting the flag and to take a picture of herself for Instagram. Beneath the photo, Private Tariqka Sheffey wrote a comment that essentially expressed that people should keep their disapproving remarks to themselves because she does not care what they think.

Her words reveal the dark side of today’s cultural climate. People are now getting so wrapped up in the intense private world allotted by social media that they can lose both their respect and awareness towards others as well as towards sacred institutions. However, I don’t think that will stop anyone from taking selfies.

Of course, the moral of the story is not that people who take selfies are often selfish individuals. Just remember to be aware of yourself and of your surroundings when gearing up to take that photo. After all, you don’t want to be that person everyone hates for making them rub lice disinfectant all over their scalp. You just don’t.