By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if the Boy Who Lived could recite every word of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” heartbreak anthem? Well, thanks to the editing magic of YouTube team SilvaWare Productions we know exactly what that sounds like.

Just in case you forgot or don’t know who Harry Potter is (or you just want to relive the story), AVbyte did a fantastic “Draw My Life” video that will answer all of your questions. Also, because everyone needs a little more Harry Potter in their lives, check out this short clip depicting what it would be like if the boy wizard came to life.

While avoiding writing an essay, I stumbled upon a video that includes two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. This three minute video strings together clips of the cast saying words from Swift’s song in ways that will make you wish you had these editing skills.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang come together to create the musical number. It even features Draco, who demonstrates how his seemingly menacing voice can actually churn out a beautiful melody. It’ll bring a good chuckle while you reminisce on scenes you’ve forgotten from Harry Potter.

So muggles, take a break from studying for your midterms (or procrastinate for another few minutes), and enjoy the wonderful voices of the wizarding world.