By Sanah Faroke, Staff Writer

Typically for spring break, I go home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually amazing. I get to see my family and my friends and drive my own car and not deal with schoolwork and oh, did I tell you I’m from Miami? Basically, I live where everyone vacations. There’s the beach, the parties, the sun, the tan (except I’m already really tan so I hide under an umbrella). I can even wear flip flops, which is obviously a necessity.

The thing is, although I’m in paradise, I still think about all the work I have to do. I plan to apply for jobs this spring break (How much fun is that?). Well, it’s actually pretty exciting because I’m a nerd, who also plans to read for fun during spring break.

But the fact of the matter is, my mind still wanders back to my textbooks, my job apps, my laptop — and anxiety kicks in. I start to remember a time where the week before, I was in the freezing cold, always tired and stressed out and worrying, and you might as well put me in a mental hospital because I’m going ballistic. I freak out like any other normal college student and when it comes down to it, I basically planned my whole “vacation time” around doing work.

The thing is, we actually need to chill out.

This theory of taking breaks goes back to a study in 1999 by Wall Street insurance company New Century Global, who collaborated with the Cornell University Ergonomics Research Laboratory. In the 10-week study, they used a program to remind employees to keep good posture and take short breaks. Researchers found that the workers who took breaks were 13 percent more accurate in their work on average, while other workers who didn’t take breaks slipped up.

In another study published in the journal Cognition, researchers found that if people took short breaks, it would help them maintain focus without losing the quality of their work like it would if they worked overtime.

It’s not like I don’t take short breaks anyway, thanks to my BFF, the Internet.

Let’s be real, you know you take breaks all the time to watch Ellen DeGeneres because she’s hilarious. That’s a given, but seriously, watching those funny Parks and Rec clips do more than waste time — same goes for spring break. Yes, I know, it’s fun to dance on tables and ruin your liver, but remember, spring break is a much needed mental break. This week will actually help your concentration and help with your work performance after vacation. If you drink too much Corona and kill your brain cells, well, I don’t think I can help you there.

Either way, just “Don’t go cray on your vacay, brown suga.”