By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

A 13-year-old Girl Scout from San Francisco thought outside the proverbial box of cookies and sold over 117 boxes of cookies in two hours last monday. Her genius plan?

Set up in front of a marijuana dispensary.

That is probably the cleverest thing I’ve heard in the past month. It’s pure genius. The Girl Scouts of Northern California must have gotten a pretty penny from those 117 boxes.

Danielle Lei’s mother, who helped execute this plan, said that told the Los Angeles Times that she doesn’t condone consuming marijuana,and had to sensitively explain their setup outside of the dispensary to her daughter. But the cannabis-inspired cookie consumption has stirred up many questions as to where it’s acceptable to sell Girl Scout cookies. Can they be sold on any public property, including adult-oriented establishments, like liquor stores? Or should they only be allowed to sell in front of family-friendly businesses?

Colorado, another state with legalized marijuana, has taken this act of wit and turned it into a lesson. In fact, for years, their girls aren’t allowed to sell cookies outside any adult-oriented business.

Lei’s mother is right in letting her daughter sell in front of the dispensary. If I remember correctly, in each troop, the Girl Scout who sells the most boxes of cookies gets a prize, so why wouldn’t she put her daughter in the best position to do so? It was practical, and there were no laws or rules prohibiting it, so there is no problem with what she did.

In fact, I’m surprised no one jumped on this opportunity before. Sure, things like this might be strange, but in no way are they taboo.

Do you think that this is an acceptable place to sell Girl Scout cookies?