Looking for a way to make some dough? Try turning your ideas into reality. PHOTO BY/ Heather Goldin

By Stacy Schoonover, Staff Writer

If you have ambitions of starting a business and are in Boston University’s Entrepreneurship club, you’re on the right track! First time you’re hearing of it? Here’s some Q and A on the club to get you started:

Q: What is it?

A: E-Club acts as a networking organization and advances dreams of aspiring undergraduates. From meeting with successful entrepreneurs to sharing ideas with one another, the club is an easy way to build relationships with those in the small business world and start new business adventures.

Q: What does the E-Club do?

A: The club has bi-weekly meetings, holds seminars and has annual events. The club’s main event is what is known as the “Start-Up Weekend.” It’s a three-day affair in the ballroom of the School of Management where students have the ability to create prototypes for businesses, share ideas and converse with business owners and creators.

Q: Is the club successful?

A: Yes! Many club members have started their own start-ups, and used their skills learned to help them achieve. In face, here are a few students who’ve gotten into the entrepreneurial spirit and succeeded:

Dave Basheglia:

Basheglia founded the E-Club, and went on to co-found and serve as current CEO of Tap Lab, a social mobile gaming company. He recently returned to BU to speak with the E-Club about his successes and how the club helped him in his career.

Connor McEwen:

McEwen, a senior in the College of Engineering, works for Dorm Room Fund’s Boston team, a great example of student venture capitalism that invests in student’s start-up ideas. Dorm Room Fund’s goal is to support and inspire more careers in the start-up industry by helping students take their ideas from their dorm room into the market.

Esteban da Cruz:

Da Cruz, current E-Club president, currently works part time at a Yoga studio as well as at local start-up company as an intern. In addition, he just went out on an interview for a start-up in Boston. Da Cruz acts as a mentor for the members by giving them advice and holding office hours where members can get one-on-one help.

For more information on BU’s E-Club, find them on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, McEwen encourages students looking for funding on their start-up ideas to fill out the Dorm Room Fund application on their website.

Take advantage of these links! If you want to turn your ideas into moneymaking corporations, E-Club is the place to be.