By Jacob Carter, Staff Writer

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are coming to an end, but that does not mean an end to the glory that they inspire.

Last week, prank group Improv Everywhere orchestrated a fake torch run in New York City, complete with 400 willing participants to play the part of encouraging spectators. You may recognize this group’s work from their “no pants subway ride” prank.

Their video on the fake torch run was only posted Monday, but it will not be long before its joyfulness and patriotism inspires countless YouTube users everywhere.

The video opens with one of the group’s members posing as an injured Olympic Torch runner. She goes up to various people on the streets and asks them if they would be willing to complete her section of the run and pass the torch to its next recipient. Though the first few people sheepishly decline, the woman is eventually successful in obtaining several eager replacements.

As these new participants round the final corner of their run, they are greeted by the applause of countless supporters, all of whom are a part of the elaborate operation. The ruse is then continued via a fake news interview with an on-sight reporter from their team.

What I love most about this video is even though a joke is technically being played on the people who acquire the torch, the organization is not being mean-spirited in their prank or causing any embarrassment.

There are so many good feels in this video, especially when it comes to watching the runners proudly finish their leg of the run as they are cheered on. People of all ages are given the fake honor of passing on the olympic torch, including what appears to be a boy no older than 3. All of the American flags and balloons make me wish that I was around to be asked to run this fake passing of the torch.

Just as in the real Olympic games, this video is at its core about establishing a sense of joy and togetherness.