By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Once again, it’s that time of the year again when chalk-tasting Sweethearts are back on shelves, heart decals are plastered on dorm windows, and couples seem to increase by the dozens.

Yes ladies and gents, it’s Valentine’s day, that holiday where we define love by the amounts of chocolates or flowers we get from our significant others and the sappy e-cards our parents send to us. It makes us question what love really is, and whether it even exists.

There’s a lot of deep thoughts going on about love, and sometimes they may even create some existential crises.

But this Valentine’s day I won’t be so focused on a single pity party. Instead, I see it as the time of year to celebrate Galentine’s day. As Amy Poehler states it’s a day for “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Usually Galentine’s day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s day, but for all us single ladies out there, we might as well make it a two day extravaganza! From going out to dinner with some of your favorite gals to making voodoo dolls of ex-boyfriends (I’m kidding, I promise), there are many great ways to celebrate.

Boston also has some fun events planned for the next week in celebration of Valentine’s/Galentine’s day. You can volunteer with animals (who doesn’t love kittens and puppies) or attend a glass-blowing class (after all, nothing says love more than glass-blowing).

Closer to campus, there are a variety of dating games going on. Here are just a few put on by different student groups:

1. The Dating Game! Hosted by BU Central

2. Speed Dating: Hosted by Towers RHA 

3. Hillel Speed Dating: Hosted by BU Hillel 

So whether you’re spending this weekend with your significant other or significant gals, love is in the air.