By Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor

The launch party for "Coup de’Etat."/ PHOTO VIA Heather Goldin

The launch party for “Coup de’Etat.”/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

Trident Booksellers and Café is the ideal location for a literary magazine launch party. Lined with shelves upon shelves of colorful books, the Newbury Street bookstore’s dim lighting is perfect for a poetry reading, and their menu has everything a college student needs to convince their friends to show up (namely beer and Trident’s deluxe grilled cheese).

Boston University’s Literary Society came to the same conclusion when they decided to book Trident for the launch of their lit mag, “Coup de’Etat.” BU Literary Society President Abigail Clauhs explained that the lit mag title translates to “overthrow of the government.” Putting a creative spin on the French motto, Clauhs said that they chose the title to symbolize an “overthrow of literary forms and traditions.”

The lit mag’s message comes across loud and clear, the logo of their lit mag featuring a grenade topped with the head of a fountain pen.

At the launch party, Clauhs introduced several contributors from near and far, without which the publication would be nothing but blank white pages. Several of the contributors — including a man from Michigan— took turns reading excerpts from “Coup de’Etat,” from humorous prose to heartfelt poetry.

Although it is hard to pinpoint my favorite contribution, one of the most entertaining entries had to be a prose piece submitted by Graduate College of Arts and Sciences student Kyle Jepson. His fictional story involved an enraged man who lost his love to someone else, a knife and a picnic (I know, I wanted to know what the ending was too). Sadly, Jepson stopped reading just when it was getting good, and everyone in the room was left wondering what would happen next.


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