By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

There are some videos that beg to be watched, and when you do watch them, an obligatory “Awwwwww” slips out.

Enter Jackson, 4, who is determined to listen to A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” even though it saddens him. Apparently, he is a proponent of the idea that just because something makes you sad, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the pain.

Jackson is emotionally deeper than I am, and I’m not even mad.

Wearing an adorable pilot’s outfit, complete with a hat and goggles, Jackson is crying from the get-go, but refuses to have the song changed. His dad, who is doing a pretty great job of capturing the moment, makes sure that Jackson is okay.

“If it makes you cry, then I don’t want to play a sad song for you,” his dad reasons, but Jackson is committed. “Give me a thumbs-up that you’re okay,” his dad says, and Jackson’s thumbs go right up.

This video has quickly gone viral, with over a 1.3 million in the past week. And after watching, it’s easy to see why. Jackson’s sweet sensitivity will make your heart hurt in the best way possible. Enjoy!