By Sanah Faroke

Whether you’re jamming out to Kendrick Lamar while getting ready for a party, or taking it easy with some tunes from Xx, your music typically reflects your mood and what you’re doing. A lot of the time, to prep myself for a long day, I listen to fast-paced music and it gets me in the zone.

What if songs were automatically streamed to you based upon what you’re doing? Spotify is trying just that.

Using your heart rate, Spotify will soon be able to deliver music geared to what it thinks you’re doing, whether it be biking, running or sitting. This new technology Spotify is trying to conduct can even help listeners feel warmer on cold days, something I’m not opposed to at all. If it could make me feel like I’m in Miami when it’s 10 degrees outside, I’d probably be indebted to Spotify for life.

So how is this possible?

Well, Spotify hopes to eventually use sensor data, possibly with the motion sensors on smart phones, or even a temperature sensor. Hopefully this idea can be put into effect soon! Although I’m a big Pandora fan, I might eventually switch to Spotify if it can send some Martin Garrix or Calvin Harris through my Beats headphones (you know how you like to walk to class like you own the place). Maybe Spotify can be the next game changer in the music world.

Either way, it’s always good when music makes want to dance like Lena Dunham in this scene out of Girls: