By Stacy Schoonover, Staff Writer

New professor's on campus/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Lisa Padilla

A new semester brings new professors to campus/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Lisa Padilla

A full-time faculty count of 2,628 and a student body of 29,978 people can be overwhelming to the average student. With so many faces to know at Boston University, sometimes its not as easy to get to know who our teachers are beyond what they teach in the classroom. However, we’ve made it a bit easier to recognize some new names on the staff to look out for and what they are involved in besides teaching at BU.

 1. David Carr

This New York Times media columnist teaches about supporting journalism in the digital era. He still writes for The New York Times and is planning out curriculum this semester for his two courses next year. Carr will be teaching two courses inspired by his column, one for Fall 2014 and one in Spring 2015.

2.  Dirk Hackbarth

This international scholar in dynamic corporate finance teaches as an associate professor of finance in the School of Management. He’s also an associate editor of Management Science and Review Finance, and has been published in multiple academic journals.

3. Robert G. Loftis

A retired foreign service officer and United Nations worker now serves as a professor of the practice of international relations. He recently was appointed the Senior Advisor for Security Negotiations and Agreements, where he helped negotiate with Iraq on the Status of Forces Agreement.

4. Ksenia Bravaya

Known as a leader in quantum mechanical calculation of complex materials, Bravaya is now an assistant professor of chemistry. She has contributed as a presenter at more than 30 conferences and co-authored a publication of 19 peer–reviewed pieces.

5. Anthony Janetos

Janetos had a previous career in high-impact global change science where he presented before Congress on various environmental issues many times. Now a professor of earth and environment and the  Frederick S. Pardee Center Director, Janetos continues to pursue the studies and influence of global change research.

6. Minou Arjomand

Having published articles in Theatre Survey and Perspectives on Europe, Arjomand now serves as an assistant professor of English at BU.  She is a co-founder of Morningside Opera and is currently writing a book about how post-World War II trials frame modern drama.

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