By Sabrina Katz, Staff Writer

What do you do to stave off boredom at the airport? /PHOTO VIA Flickr user Michal Osmenda

What do you do to stave off boredom at the airport? /PHOTO VIA Flickr user Michal Osmenda

The worst part about being on a flight is knowing that no matter how many books, Sudoku puzzles and card games you bring, you will always end up being bored.

You should be able to sleep, considering you probably went to bed much later than you should have, to wake up much earlier than you normally do. Unfortunately, the inside of an airplane is just about the worst place in the world to try to fall asleep (aside from the middle of a busy street or in a public bathroom).

At least the airlines try to do something kind by providing magazines with crossword puzzles to fill up the time you’re stuck in that glorified Greyhound bus. But after flipping through that magazine there’s nothing else to do, lest you choose to get sucked into the ever present in-flight catalogue.

So what are you supposed to do with all the time you’ve got left?

One solution is watching a movie or TV series on the electronic device of your choice, as long as its already been downloaded (sorry, no Netflix!). A couple of downloaded movies and some complimentary snacks and drinks are a surefire way to pass the in-flight time. And, if you’re fortunate enough to get on a Southwest flight, they allow you to watch free live TV on a computer, tablet, or phone. Hello, Real Housewives!

But if there’s one thing that works every time to make the travel time pass by quicker, it’s taking someone along with you, preferably a good friend or funny cousin. If you haven’t got anyone with you, make a friend!