By Erica Schwartz

Just your average pack of cigarettes./PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

When one walks out of his or her dorm, one would expect – or at least hope for – a pleasant smell. Except that there are some cases when one gets a whiff of cigarettes.

I promise not to completely rant about smoking. I personally don’t agree with people who smoke, but I will point out one of the reasons why some people continue to smoke:

“Cigarettes make you lose weight and if you stop, you’ll gain back even more!”

If this applies to you, then you need to reevaluate your priorities in life. While I believe in the importance of losing weight, health is just that much more crucial. Without your health, you have nothing.

Yes, cigarettes could potentially affect your eating habits, making you eat less because you are smoking more. But is it really worth it? I guarantee that if you are sufficiently determined, any weight gain can easily be shed in just a couple of days by simply working out and eating healthy again. No one needs to depend on cigarettes for a skinny physique.

The nasty little lung cancer sticks are expensive, especially for those of us who live within a college budget. Cigarettes can take away the energy that you could instead be using to exercise more (if you wanted to exercise more).

If you want to look good physically, your body needs to also be in a healthy state.  So, next time you hear a friend say, “I’m going to get fat if I quit!” then just slap him or her right across the face because it’s not true.