By Sabrina Katz, Staff Writer

So imagine latkes but Thanksgiving-style./PHOTO VIA Wikimedia Commons

The month of November kicks off the holiday season with every American’s favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Now, imagine a world where your favorite winter holidays combine to form one super-mega-celebration!

Fortunately for every Jewish-American out there, it’s your lucky year. That’s because 2013’s first night of Hanukkah coincides exactly with Thanksgiving hence Thanksgivukkah. The festival of lights and the festival of face-stuffing have finally merged , which presents us with delicious harvest food AND eight days of presents.

Because Hanukkah follows the Hebrew lunar calendar, which has 11 fewer days that the standard Gregorian calendar used in America, there is no set date on our calendar as to when Hanukkah is coming.

As a result, every few years, an extra month must be added to the Jewish calendar so that spring holidays remain in the spring, fall holidays are celebrated in the fall, and so forth. This also explains why the holiday of Hanukkah shifts and can be celebrated anytime between November and January.

The one great question on everyone’s mind is this: how can we combine these two great holidays without diminishing one or the other? Several articles online suggest serving “fusion” foods for the meal, which means pumpkin pie rugelach, challah bread-pudding and horseradish mashed potatoes. Indeed, several traditional foods from each holiday overlap, such as potatoes (for Hanukkah latkes and mashed potatoes), meat (brisket and turkey) and apples (applesauce and pie)! So there’s really no reason one holiday has to outshine the other.

In order to be prepared for your first Thanksgivukkah (yes, it’s everyone’s first, and it won’t happen for over 50,000 years), make sure you light some pumpkin pie-scented Hanukkah candles, exchange gifts between downs in the football game and split decorations equally between hand turkeys and dreidels.

If you forget to buy a Hanukkah gift (because when is it ever this early?), worry not! Black Friday will certainly have something for everybody that won’t break the bank. Or, if you are too lazy to leave the house, wait until the next week for Cyber Monday because it will still be Hanukkah!

See? All your favorite holidays wrapped in one!