By Trisha Thadani, Staff Writer

“You can take Elmore out of BU, but you certainly cannot take the BU out of Elmore.”/PHOTO VIA Wikimedia Commons

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore’s classic bow tie and ever-present smile is a common sight for Boston University students while walking down Commonwealth Avenue. Elmore is known to make appearances at various student-group meetings, several on-campus performances and, sometimes, even grabbing a drink with students at T’s Pub.

Many know Elmore as a figurehead and a leader, while others view him as a confidant, mentor and friend. Those who know him well enough say there is hardly a difference between Kenneth Elmore, the Dean of Students and Kenneth Elmore, family man and friend.

He said he promotes the same values of personal integrity and communication to his students as he does to his two teenage children.

“I think that getting people to really understand what it is in their life that they can do well and take pride in is important,” Elmore said. “I think about this position, and also me being a dad, is getting people to understand where their passions lie, and how best to deal with passion.”

Elmore has been with Boston University since 1985. Beginning as an intern at the George Sherman Union, Elmore now sits at his desk on the third floor of the GSU with the title of Dean of Students. Back in August, he celebrated his 10th anniversary as Dean of Students and 28th year with the University.

Though, Elmore’s path to Dean of Student was certainly not a straight one. Jumping between various positions within BU, he temporarily diverged from BU for to practice law. Four years later, with BU still pulsating through his blood, Elmore came back home to BU where he happily here to stay- for now.

“I truly feel I got one of the greatest and best jobs around… This is a job where I’ve seen incredible grace and people who perform in these wonderfully graceful ways and I say, there you go, that’s joy,” Elmore said. “It’s just joy and joy and joy.”