By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

‘Tis Finn Harries, the YouTube celebrity./PHOTO VIA Wikimedia Commons

If you don’t know who Finn Harries is, don’t feel bad. He’s part of a growing subculture of the Internet. Finn and his twin brother, Jack, are YouTube celebrities who run a channel called “JacksGap.” It has over two million subscribers. Besides being grossly handsome — it’s almost offensive — Finn has great style and it’s simple enough that everyone can pull off.

The breakdown:

1. The shoes: Desert boots. Finn typically wears dark brown desert boots. Desert boots are notoriously comfortable, but little tip: if the arches of your feet start to hurt after wearing desert boots, buy an insole from CVS. Desert boots have sparse support, but slip in the insoles and you’ll be golden.

2. The pants: Finn perfectly reflects the slim-leg trend. Some guys might shy away from this trend, whether by peer pressure or the daunting notion that you might turn into a eunuch if you manage to pour yourself into some skinny jeans. As a frequenter of skinny jeans, I can assure you that they aren’t as bad. Skinny jeans help to create a general V-effect, making your shoulders the widest part of your body and narrowing down to your slim little legs. Finn goes with dark jeans, a trend that I’m starting to appreciate more in the autumnal months.

3. The top: Finn isn’t fancy; he normally wears a t-shirt, but this isn’t your average t-shirt. Because he’s British (aka at least six months ahead of American men’s fashion) he buys from Topman, a branch of Topshop, which is like a classier, British-er, nicer version of H&M. Topman has online shopping but notoriously frustrating shipping. Peruse the website so that the next time you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Las Vegas, you can pop in. However, if you’re feeling the whimsy, Finn also wears Johnny Cupcakes, a store that “bakes” up “batches” of t-shirts, each set unique and fun. They ship worldwide, but you can pop down to Newbury Street and visit them. You’re welcome!

4. The face: Sadly, no one can ever have Finn’s face. Except for his identical twin brother, Jack.

5. Bracelets: Some people (me) find bracelets charming on other people, but never remember to buy any for themselves. Finn eschews that notion because his wrist is covered in bracelets, metal, wooden beads and rope. It personalizes anything you’re wearing. If you hate the idea of spending a bunch of money on bracelets, I suggest buying one or two neutral ones and then make your own. Cut some yarn and tie it around your wrist.

You might not be able to be Finn Harries, but you can certainly dress like him. As always, the number one accessory to any outfit is confidence (gag-worthy, but totally true).

May the Fashion Be With You!