By Erica Schwartz

The myth is debunked; you can eat after 8, so long as you are eating right!/PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

The myth is debunked; you can eat after 8, so long as you are eating right!/PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

It’s 7:58 p.m.

You’ve had an exceptionally busy day: lots of studying for that chemistry midterm, along with attending four other mandatory classes, doing laundry and going to your weekly kickboxing class at FitRec.

You’ve had no time to properly chow down even a half-decent meal the entire day and are starving after coming out from kickboxing that ended at 7:45 p.m. You check the time and rush to locate some food before the little hand on the clock reaches the eight.

You, and all the rest of society, have been programmed to believe that if you eat after 8 p.m., you will inevitably gain weight and get fat. As if the difference between two minutes is the problem!

Believe me when I say this: you can eat after 8 p.m.! I eat healthy snacks every two to three hours, and many of those snacks occur after the 8 p.m. mark, because I am like any other college student who prefers to procrastinate and stay up countless nights studying, rather than missing my TV shows in the daytime. Why starve myself at night? The body wants food when the body wants food.

Just make sure not to eat unhealthy snacks after 8 p.m. (or before 8 p.m., really). The huge dilemma is that the dining halls close at 9 p.m., and then Late Night takes over.

Late Night food, in my opinion, is all a bunch of junk that will lead towards weight gain. From the chicken tenders to the mac and cheese, I cringe in disgust. However, I have gone into Late Night myself and spotted a fruit bowl near the corner of the refrigerator section, along with a small container of sliced carrots and celery.

So, if you don’t already keep some healthy snacks in your micro-fridge in your room for the late hours or don’t have the motivation or means to go to a restaurant and pay for a healthy meal or snack there, just go and grab some of the healthier snack options.

There is no reason not to eat after 8 p.m.! It is an ongoing myth that should never be looked upon as “good” advice. Of course it’s better to eat lighter in the evening. I don’t recommend to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse past 10 p.m. but don’t let your stomach growl in misery because you missed the mark by a good 30 seconds.