By Michelle Jay, Multimedia Editor

Unlike last year’s fall office, this year’s fall e-board and associates group is more evenly balanced between guys and gals. This means No Shave November is a go in the FreeP office. Here’s our boys’ beginning stages.

Chris, Editor-in-chief
He tries, really. His request for this post to be postponed in order to grow more facial hair was denied. IMG_6523

Kyle, City editor
He is one of the better beard growers of the office. Currently, he is in the lead for best beard. However, he has an interview on Thursday that will probably force him to shave.

Brian, Opinion editor
He can also grow a decent beard. However, due to his television responsibilities he tends to stay more clean shaven.

Andrew, Sports Associate
Despite being one of the youngest in the office, Andrew can sport a good beard when he wants. He’s just starting out for the month now.

Conor, Sports Associate
Our Southie boy, Conor matches his classic Boston accent with a nice start to his beard. Currently, he is in second for the best beard. Plus Clancy, his Boston Terrier, wins him some points.

Steven, City Associate
He’s yet another one who can grow a man beard. He’s on his way.
As for the ladies of the FreeP, our general opinion is that beards are not our favorite things. Rachel, campus associate, put it best saying, “A survey of Daily Free Press staff opinions reveals that while very few women staff members are turned on by facial hair, 99 percent of staff members, both male and female, would not walk away if J-Kraz [John Krasinski of “The Office”] leaned in at a bar.”

Check back at the end of the month to see how our boys fared.